Losing Our Cool

Losing Our CoolA Sampling of Media Coverage of Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World (and Finding New Ways to Get Through the Summer) by Stan Cox (The New Press, 2010)

Chosen as one of the “10 must-read environmental books of 2010 to read in 2011” Mother Nature Network

“Cox provides the first-ever book-length look at the consequences on our environment and on our health of air-conditioning in this enlightening study. Well-written, thoroughly researched, with a truly global focus, the book offers much for consumers, environmentalists, and policy makers to consider before powering up to cool down.” —Publishers Weekly

Author op-ed in the Washington Post
Author interviewed in the New York Times
Author op-ed in the Los Angeles Times
Author interview on NPR’s Marketplace along with the author’s tips to stay cool posted on Marketplace‘s site
Author op-ed on Alternet
Author interview in the Los Angeles Times
Watch the KSN-TV report, also seen on the Weather Channel and NBC affiliates across the U.S.
An interview with Ryan Brown of Salon.com
Author on the A/C life in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tom Condon covers the book in the Hartford Courant
Author interview on National Geographic News Watch
Author interview on the NPR’s On Point
Rob Sharp in The Independent (UK)
Author answers adversaries via CounterPunch
The Wichita Eagle covers the book
Author interview on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC
A review in the Dallas Morning News
Interview on The Takeaway (WNYC & Public Radio International)
An article on Losing Our Cool in the Boston Globe
An interview in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
An interview with the National Post‘s Joe O’Connor
Macleans: How Air-Conditioning Changed the World
A Q&A with Discovery’s Planet Green
How to stay cool without A/C even in America’s hot zones
A CBC Radio interview
The Hartford Courant: Air-Conditioning is Sapping Our Society
Paul Cox: Birth of the Air Conditioner
Review in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
Interview in the Globe and Mail on staying cool in Canada
Feature story in the Salina Journal